Frequently asked questions


What are absinthes? Are they legal? Does it make me mad and cut off my ears like what Vincent Van Gogh did?

Taken from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absinthe)

  • Absinthe (/ˈæbsɪnθ, -sæ̃θ/)is historically described as a distilled, highly alcoholic beverage (45–74% ABV / 90–148 U.S. proof).
  • Anise-flavoured spirit derived from botanicals, including the flowers and leaves …..
  • Absinthe traditionally has a natural green colour, ……. and is, therefore, classified as a spirit. ….. normally diluted with water prior to being consumed.
  • Absinthe originated in the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland in the late 18th century. It rose to great popularity ……
  • Absinthe drinkers included Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Charles Baudelaire, Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, Aleister Crowley, Erik Satie, Edgar Allan Poe, Lord Byron and Alfred Jarry.
  • Absinthe has often been portrayed as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug and hallucinogen. ….. yet it has not been demonstrated to be any more dangerous than ordinary spirits. Recent studies have shown that absinthe's psychoactive properties have been exaggerated, apart from that of the alcohol.
No, like the studies suggests, if you overindulge in something, you might end up with consequences stronger than a hangover!

How to best enjoy Pilatus’ products?

We suggest you enjoy Pilatus products with your friends and loved ones. It’s all about the company, and we believe in doing anything for the relationship.


Can I self collect?

Yes, in fact, you will save on the delivery charges. However, do remember to make arrangements early to the best locations that suit your collection purpose.

Can I buy wines for my friends and get it delivered to them?

Yes, only if both you (the purchaser) and your friend (recipient of the physical products) are above the legal age for alcohol consumption, ie 21 years of age. At Pilatus, we advocate responsible enjoyment of our beautifully crafted offerings. Don’t binge, savour!

What if no one is at home when you deliver?

We will usually confirm with you prior to the delivery, however, if no one is at home, we will arrange for another delivery with you. As for the third time, we seek your understanding that as a business, we will need to charge a separate delivery charge. You may refer to our Shipping Policy for further details.

Can I use my own delivery services to pick up from you?

Yes, you may. Please make arrangements with us after reading the above section on “Can I self collect”. Do note these delivery services will be taken as your own outsourced services and Pilatus will not be liable for any damages, inaccurate, or wrong delivery in terms of services and process.

Do I need to pay the delivery guy? Do I need to tip them?

As far as Pilatus is concerned, we will not require you to make any payments to our in-house delivery guys, as all delivery will be charged online when you check out (on this note, choose your delivery method with a time/ day in mind!). In the event of changes in work and personal schedule, we at Pilatus understand this, and we will accept differences in the delivery charges by cash or PayNow, or even online payments ie PayPal, credit cards. Note that cash and PayNow payments to the delivery guys will be issued a hand-written acknowledgement receipt only. It is not required to tip in Singapore, however, you can! If you use your own courier service to pick them up, you will have to pay for the charges yourself as we will only provide the items for your courier to pick it up. If you are using our online food retail partners' services, it is up to their delivery terms and conditions on the delivery payment method(s).

What if my purchase are broken when I received them (unwitnessed)? Or what if I saw the delivery guy breaking my purchases (witnessed)? For Pilatus Wines' in-house delivery.

We are sorry to hear that! Fingers crossed! These damaged items can be returned:

  • Damaged items - broken seal/ glass/ packaging (witnessed or unwitnessed). Cork must be intact.
  • Unacceptable conditions - expired items, corked wines, spoilt items etc. Items to be returned must be at 90% or above of original volume or above.
Remember to take photographs or videos for us! Once we validate the return, we will arrange for a free pick up from you to pick up the faulty items at your convenience. You will get your money back in this case through our refund mechanism. Do note that all promotions, free gifts, and discounts are not applicable for all returned, refunded, and exchanged items, means no 2 freebies claims is applicable to 1 successful purchase that includes 1 return. We reserve the right to reject any return, exchange, refund deemed unfit or unreasonable. Refer to our Return & Refund Policy for more details.


How can I make a payment?

Payments are available online through bank transfer, PayNow, PayPal, credit cards, etc.
It is unlikely that we will use any cash transactions. We will write to you in black and white proof for you to effect cash payments.

Why do I need to give my details when I make payment?

As per procedure on payments for online shopping platforms, you will be required to provide your information to these payment gateways. These are third party merchants that are not affiliated with Pilatus. For offline payment methods eg PayNow or bank transfers, we would appreciate if you can provide your name and contact number for clarification if necessary.

Can I use cheque?

No, unfortunately we do not have the facility to use cheque for retail business as yet. In fact, congratulations to taking a step towards being a part of vision for cashless Singapore 2025! Cheque payments only applicable to wholesale accounts.