Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal Data Protection Act

The Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) establishes a general data protection law in Singapore which governs the collection, use and disclosure of individuals’ personal data by organisations in a manner that recognises both the right of individuals to protect their personal data and the need of organisations to collect, use or disclose personal data for purpose that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances.


Pilatus Wines & Spirits (Pilatus) is committed to the transparent and fair management of your personal data.


Note: All terms & conditions are applicable to Pilatus Wines & Spirits only. What we strive to do here may not apply to your own courier services or our online food retail partners as they have their own terms & conditions.


1. Definition​

1.1 Individuals

Individuals are defined as a “human being, whether living or deceased”. This may be distinguished from juridical persons or ‘legal persons’ which are other entities that have their own legal personality and are capable of taking legal action in their own name. 


1.2 Personal data

Personal data means, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified from that data or from the data and other information to which the organisation has or is likely to have access


1.3 Processing

Processing, in relation to personal data, means the carrying out of any operation or set of operations in relation to the personal data, and including recording, holding, organisation, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, combination, transmission, erasure or destruction. 


1.4 Publicly available

Publicly available, in relation to personal data about an individual, means personal data that is generally available to the public, and includes personal data which can be observed by reasonably expected means at a location or an event at which the individual appears and that it open to the public.


2. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to inform our customer that Pilatus will be handling personal data and seeks our customer's permission to process such information. 


Pilatus provides the service of Food & Beverages produces provisions to our customers. These include wines and spirits from Switzerland and other origins, as well as other types of food items whenever available to our customers as an online retailer, therefore it would be necessary to collect personal data. Our service includes setting up and customisation of our internal customer system, this requires Pilatus to access personal data.  


More information on Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) can be found online at the Personal Data Protection Commission website,


Personal data collected are used solely for our records to monitor your discount tiers and the various enjoyments you may be entitled to. The data will not disclose to third-party organisations. Pilatus will destroy all personal data collected should you specifically request for such action to be taken. Note the newsletter and other social media activities are independent of this action and we reserve the discretion to assist you to maintain your records in our database for your future purchases.


The next section will detail the type of personal data collected.


3. Information collected

Upon signing up to our online platform or offline through other means ie direct call, SMS, WhatsApp messages, promotions, hardcopy sign-up, newsletters, etc, Pilatus will be collecting and handling a list of personal data that include: 

  • Full name

  • Birthday date

  • Contact details

    • Personal mobile numbers

    • Electronic mail (email) address

    • Delivery address(es)

    • Name of the point of contact/ receiving party

    • Contact details of the point of contact/ receiving party

  • Facial image (due to the use of on-site security camera at bottle shop)

    • Customers

    • Employees

    • Business partners eg delivery persons

  • Gender

  • Family details

    • Spouse’s name

    • Spouse’s date of birth

  • Payment details eg credit card details (by payment gateway third-party providers whom we have no control and affiliation to)

  • Bank account details as an option for refund purposes

  • Your digital footprint eg 

    • device’s operating system

    • browser details

    • Internet Protocol (IP) Address and related information

    • Geolocation

    • Website browsing preferences and usage statistics

  • Other information used for marketing/ promotional purposes eg

    • Birthday promotions/ offers

    • Anniversary promotions/ offers

    • Special event promotions/ offers

    • Specific product based promotions/ offers eg spirits promotions for spirits drinkers

    • Any other forms of information that we will seek your permission in advance if any.


This list is not an exhaustive list of personal data. 

In order to enjoy privileges, we practice fairness to only collect personal information with your consent in order for our business purpose to provide the discounts and privileges available to our loyal customers. This information ensures that we can provide services such as delivery, application of discounts, etc, for you to enjoy our products and services discounts, privileges, etc.


4. Collection channel and formats and storage

Pilatus will collect the required information from our customers through channels such as electronic mails, digital social media means such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, mobile apps such as Whatsapp, SMS, etc, Universal Serial Bus (USB) storage devices, physical materials, direct phone calls that may record your calls for internal business analysis use or to fulfill your orders.


Online cloud servers eg Google Drives, online store content management systems (CMS) and online customer relationship management systems (CRM), company-owned computers and physical papers may be the medium of storage. The personal data will be stored temporarily and destroyed at the end of the services. Pilatus will show evidence to our customers at the end of the service as well, upon request.

5. Use of your personal information

All personal data will be used for the purpose of business use, ie for fulfilling your order and identify you to bring discounts, privileges, and deliveries to you, etc. These include payment purposes, delivery services, promotions and marketing, and any other related activities that you may expect from us. No unnecessary disclosure is required other than mentioned for business use. For in ways that we may not have received a written consent, eg use of a photograph, we do no, and will not do so with malicious intents but in the best interest to provide value to you, our customers to the best ways to market Pilatus as an online retailer. Pilatus will comply with the Law or its enforcement agencies and officers for any necessary disclosure of your personal data.


We will use the data, whether personal data or not, for the purposes of business improvement to deliver better value to our customers.

6. Destruction of data

At your specific request and instructions, Pilatus will not retain any of your personal data. Pilatus will handover the hard copy records, if any, to you, our customer. All collected personal data will be destroyed. 


7. Agreement

By signing up in our discount system also known as our customer relationship management system, you, our customer understands that Pilatus will be handling your personal data. You agree to provide us permission to process these personal data until your request to stop such services to you as mentioned above.


7.1 Direct marketing and spam

By default, you consent to receive direct marketing means from us unless otherwise stated, these include emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages, etc in:

• Advertising

• special offers

• updates etc


If you wish to withdraw your consent from marketing and spam, we will process your withdrawal request within 14 business days. This can be done by responding to our marketing channels including emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages, etc or email us at our contact email:


7.2 Destruction of personal data

By your request and instructions, Pilatus acknowledge that the customer-merchant relationship has ended and that Pilatus will destroy all personal data pertaining to this purpose. You will not be entitled to any discounts or privileges, if applicable, this includes printed or digital marketing materials that may apply to you at the point in time that you had received it. 


7.3 Handover of hardcopies

By evidence or physical handing over, both parties acknowledge that all hard copies containing your personal data has been handled to your satisfaction. No further action or payments or any form of compensation is required by Pilatus. No further records are required to be maintained for your account.