Return & Refund Policy


This Return & Refund policy aims to provide a fair and just guide to how we understand your frustration and assist you in returning the purchase to us under reasonable circumstances. As such, we encourage you to understand your rights and liabilities when making a purchase from us.


All terms & conditions are applicable to Pilatus Wines & Spirits only.

Does not apply to your own courier services or our online food retail partners as they have their own terms & conditions.


All deliveries are to be signed for, our in-house delivery will be given either a Delivery Order (DO), or as a part of proper handing over, be instructed to take picture proof of delivery, eg photographs of purchases with unit numbers clearly seen at the background. This handing over is an explicit acceptance of the quality and satisfaction with the products at the point of delivery. Once accepted and handed-over, we will not be liable for any breakage or dissatisfaction, therefore we recommend you to check the seals, accuracy of the delivered products etc through visual inspections.

Discrepancy are to be made to us immediately if possible, through our email Under the law, you have up to 14 days from the date of delivery to return all goods in the best acceptable conditions possible. Unacceptable or unreasonable conditions of items in dispute will be rejected, eg intention to return unopened/ sealed cheese left in room temperature for 5 days will cause deterioration of the item, therefore the example for return request will be rejected. We seek your understanding for the need to provide evidence proof as the basis of your return. We reserve the right to reject any return, exchange deemed unfit or unreasonable.

Items in Dispute

The items that can be returned include the following: 

  • Misrepresented products - Item does not match the website specifications or description; does not include the context of promotional copywriting or descriptions for the purpose of marketing effects

  • Wrong items delivered - your delivery does not match your order

  • Missing items - your delivery does not match your order, may proceed to refund request

  • Damaged items - broken seal/ glass/ packaging (witnessed or unwitnessed)

  • Unacceptable conditions - expired items, corked wines, spoilt items etc. Items to be returned must be at 90% or above of original volume or above.


 The items that CANNOT be returned include the following: 

  • Change of mind in purchase decision, may proceed to exchange request

  • Spoilage arise from wrong storage and or handling, intentionally or unintentionally.

Evidence of Proof

We regret that you have to go through this, but in order to help us to help you, you may be required to assist us in the investigation with the following:

  • Provide your proof of purchase

  • An account of the rationale or sequence of events that led to the return request

  • Photographs or videos, or any other forms of evidence required from us

Return Procedure

Once we validate the return, we will arrange for a free pick up from you to pick up the faulty items at your convenience. 


For missing items, we will deliver the missing items to you for free within the normal delivery route. 


For change of mind on your purchase, we will accept the exchange as long as the items are deemed in reasonable conditions, ie not spoilt and can be sold commercially in a safe and up to the standards required; we regret that you will have to send the items to us yourselves. Upon receipt of the items, we will proceed to exchange your purchase. 


All valid refunds may opt for exchange of items. 


All promotions, free gifts, and discounts are not applicable for all returned, refunded, and exchanged items.


We reserve the right to reject any return, exchange, refund deemed unfit or unreasonable.


The refund will be available to you through bank transfers, PayNow, or cheque. For returning items in person, we will provide cash refund to you as much as possible out of goodwill.


Refunds will take up to 7 working days after the return of purchase is validated.

For further queries, you may write in to