Self-Collection / Own Delivery Service

You may self collect, or use your own delivery services to pick up the products from any of our designated pick up points after the payment is completed. If you use your own delivery services, you will have to pay for your own delivery services.

Delivery by Third Party Merchants

You may purchase our products from other partner online food retailers, and we will only play the role of the product provider. You are advised to abide by the third party merchants’ terms and conditions including their delivery terms and conditions.

In-House Delivery Service

Pilatus provides our own delivery service. We seek your understanding that as much as we try to make it convenient to you, we too, are looking forward to having automated unmanned drones to deliver our products to you at your preferred dates, timing, and location.


Please note that for purchases that require legal proof eg purchase of alcohol by adults of 21 years and above, the named person at the delivery destination receiving the purchase is required to prove his/ her age to the delivery person and sign for the DO/ be a part of the proof of delivery before we can release the purchase.


Our In-House Delivery* has been standardised to S$10 per location regardless the day!

*No minimum order quantities is required to activate the in-house delivery services. We believe in the professionalism of the delivery guys, and thus we are for the opinion to pay for their hard work, time, and sweat!


All orders will be processed to our delivery partners the next working day. Actual delivery schedule will be determined by our partners but is expected to arrive within 3 days.

Delivery Flow

We aim to make the delivery simple.

Website_Delivery Flow.png
Unmanned Delivery (In-House Delivery Only)

For deliveries that are made when no one is at the destination or responds to our delivery persons’ attempts, we will rearrange the delivery with you. No items will be left without proper handing over as we would like to be responsible to you!


We do not deliver to PO boxes, restricted zones such as government buildings, military bases/ camps, police stations, seaports/ airports, refineries/ factories, or inappropriate locations eg community centres, schools, religious centres, and offshore islands outside of Singapore main land eg Jurong Island, Kusu Island, Pulau Ubin etc.


For returns, we will not be liable for any transportation charges incurred to return the purchase.

Not applicable if you use your own courier services to pick it up, or if you use any of our online food retail partners' services.