Store Policy

Store Policy

We want to enjoy our products as much as you do, and we look forward to making Pilatus Wines & Spirits (Pilatus) a platform of safe and fair practices to bring more of that Swiss to you!


By purchasing from us, you understand this is an online shop with alcoholic offerings, therefore you must be legally an adult of 21 years of age and above (by date) to transact.


It is an offence to falsify your identity, e.g. via the use of other person’s identity, falsifying your age, etc nor are you allowed to use any unauthorised payment methods from anyone e.g. stolen credit card etc. Pilatus is not liable for any of such offences and will do our best to prevent such offences to encourage a law abiding society.

Note: All terms & conditions applicable to Pilatus Wines & Spirits only. Does not apply to your own courier services or our online food retail partners as they have their own terms & conditions.

Payment Methods

You may pay through bank transfer, PayNow, PayPal, or credit cards at our online shop.

By using the payment method of your choice, you agree to follow all third-party payment terms.

Note: Your own courier services or our online food retail partners may they have their own payment terms & conditions if you are ordering through them.

Customer Care

We care for you, and it takes 2 hands to clap. Do respond to our email/ messages/ calls, as we have many other keen friends like you waiting for us to serve them. 

We believe in making it a safe and conducive environment for our employees and our partners’ employees. Please direct all words of encouragement and or feedback to us at

Privacy & Safety

We do not allow purchase on behalf, and we strongly believe in keeping our product offerings offered in a safe and appropriate manner. Note our product offerings may contain pork, non-halal ingredients, alcohol etc. 


We will report all falsified purchases e.g. underaged drinking to the relevant authorities. We dedicate ourselves to keeping our young people safe from harm and a respectful society.

Wholesales Inquiries

For wholesale inquiries, get in touch with us at